Personal Storage

One of the challenges of moving house or going overseas is that you need somewhere to store your personal belongings and it’s sometimes not convenient for friends or family to do this – or it may just be too awkward to ask! A good solution to this is to use storage space, where your belongings will be safely secured for however long you need them, with no hassle and complete peace of mind. 

Our storage facilities are like your very own spare room or garage that’s handily nearby, offering convenient home storage solutions. You can pop in and out as often as you like during our opening hours to add or take away things. It’s totally secure – more secure in fact than your home or friend’s attic and with flexible short-term storage you can stay for as long as you like or for as little as one month.

Storing Seasonal Items

Do you have a hobby such as skiing or windsurfing that requires bulky equipment? Or perhaps you paint during the summer or have a magic show. If you need to store equipment or clothing we can help. Clear space at home or in your garage by storing your goods in one of our secure, safe and dry units.

Student Storage

Your room in halls may be the size of a shoebox and your goods may just take up more space! You may also require storage in term breaks. J Simpson Storage is on hand with practical and secure storage units that are perfect for university storage. We offer small storage units at affordable prices along with flexible timeframes to suit you.

Forces Storage

If you work in the Forces, perhaps based at nearby Catterick Camp, there may come times when placing your goods in a secure, lockable space is what you need. If you are moving quarters, house or flat or travelling overseas and need some storage, contact us.

Home Improvements

Making decisions on how to manage your furniture and declutter your work area before you start your home improvements will pay off in the long run. Short term storage options can help you maximise your space by removing furniture you’d otherwise have to work around during your DIY project.

Life Events

Life can be unpredictable: moving homes, changing jobs, and shifting family dynamics. You can never know what’s next or when you may need emergency storage space to rent. Because we never know what is round the corner, if the unexpected occurs you can count on J Simpson Storage to supply storage space without fuss. Whatever you need to store we can provide the space quickly and efficiently.

Moving Home

The moving process can be daunting, but short term self-storage can also help relieve the stress of moving everything all in one go. A storage space might also save you money. Removal companies often charge by the hour, meaning the longer it takes, the more you’ll end up paying. Why not think about moving smaller items into a storage unit little by little, leaving just the bigger items for the removal company. Just think… it’ll also give you a little more time (and storage space) when the unpacking process inevitably takes over.


We believe that a self-storage space is an extension of your loft space, garage, cupboards and wardrobe. A storage unit is where you can securely keep your spare items, things you don’t need on a daily basis. It’s for those things that you need, but don’t need right now. Decluttering can make your life easier and, possibly, healthier. You will be able to find all of your possessions and can sort through your effects. You may be able to make some money by selling items you no longer require. Your house will be enhanced and, reports say, that you will feel better physically.

Overseas Storage

If you are moving overseas for a lengthy period we can store the contents of your home or a few items. You can place your goods in a storage unit, you can even leave the key with us for safekeeping, and enjoy your time away with no worries.

Moving Home De-clutter

Moving house can be a very stressful time. Putting your home belongings into self-storage allows you to de-clutter your home and allows you to move gradually and sort through your belongings at your own pace to make your house move run like clockwork.

De-cluttering before you place your house on the market can make your house look bigger and more appealing, and potentially sell faster.

For all of your self-storage needs we can help. Contact us for knowledgeable advice on storage and the optimum storage solution for your requirements.

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