Storage tips to make storing your goods easier with J Simpson Storage.

  • Use good quality boxes.
  • Wardrobe crates or boxes will allow you to store your clothes on hangars, to prevent creasing or marking of the material.
  • Label your boxes, so they are easy to find, for eg, Kitchen Bedroom and so on.
  • Heavier goods should be packed in crates or smaller boxes so that they are easier to handle.
  • Do not overfill your boxes or crates, this will prevent boxes from splitting or becoming awkward to lift.
  • Always wrap your fragile items in bubble wrap, and mark your box or crate with “Fragile” so that it is handled with care.
  • Make an inventory of your goods, and keep it in a safe place. Place any items that you may require at the front of the unit.
Self-storage close to you

Be confident in your self-storage, that is conveniently close to you.

  • Plan your storage space, the least used items at the back, and the most used items to the front for easy access. You can save room in your storage unit by storing books and CDs inside the fridge. Just leave the fridge door wedged open for circulation. Or use empty trash bins to store garden tools such as shovels and hoses.
  • Place your heavy crates or boxes at the bottom of your stacking, for a solid base and easier to handle upon removal.
  • Keep the heavy items off your tables, chairs, sofas, etc to prevent damage if stored over a long period.
  • Always use the plastic covers over your soft or fabric furnishings such as sofas.
  • Drain, clean and dry all garden equipment before storing. We do not recommend storing garden equipment or other items with potentially high moisture content for long periods of time.
  • Thoroughly drain all water from washing machines & tumble dryers before storing. Ensure you store nothing with water in, as it may damage other goods kept in your unit. Take care about leaving doors open in wet weather.
  • Stack boxes to the ceiling to make the best use of your storage space. Place the heaviest boxes at the bottom of the stack. Store larger items vertically.

Store your goods safely, securely and at an affordable price.

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